Who We Are

Sea World LLC, based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is a full service importer and distributor of fish, seafood, cheeses, oriental and gourmet products. Sea World prides itself in consistently serving its customers the highest quality. Our years of experience, sincerity and positive relationships with suppliers, allow us to provide number one quality and service. Our company sources quality seafood worldwide keeping high standards of sustainability. Sea World is the number one preferred seafood vendor in the Southern Caribbean.

Since 1986, Sea World has been a full line fish & seafood importer and distributor. Within the past few years, the company expanded its product lines to support the needs and requests of its customers. Sea World serves all major hotels, restaurants, and supermarket chains in Puerto Rico and the USVI. In Puerto Rico, the company operates out of a 50,000 square foot refrigerated and frozen warehouse located only 15 minutes from the port in Old San Juan. The facilities are monitored and inspected by local authorities, FDA, USDA, Customs and Border Patrol. In 2009, as our clientele expanded, we opened our warehouse and distribution facility on the island of St. Thomas.

Over one thousand varieties of fresh and frozen products are stocked for immediate delivery. These products include national brands and Sea Worlds™ private labels, La Buena Pesca, Pesca Fresca, and Resort Bay.


Our Mission

At Sea World, we are always looking out for positive opportunities for our customers, suppliers, and staff. Our long-term, dedicated relationships are based on trust and satisfaction. In addition to excellent customer service, competitive pricing and quality products, we look out to provide our clients with sustainable and environmentally responsible sources.